Transport yourself to fields of swaying lavender with Heathcote & Ivory’s Lavender Fields collection. From moisturising shower gel to lavender fields softening body cream, scented drawer liners to dainty bathing flowers, everything in this reasonably-priced range is inspired by the heady aroma of fresh lavender.

lavender skincare products
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Lavender’s allure

Reminiscent of a late August evening’s pleasant purple hue, lavender is an archetype of British horticulture. Coming to life in the summer months, the flowers of this iconic evergreen shrub have a beautiful and enticing scent.

That’s why we’ve created this tantalizing collection of products—infused not only with lavender but also with traces of violet and a pinch of wild hops to soothe the mind, body and soul.

We added comforting sandalwood and warming amber for a reverie-inducing lavender fields escape.

A honey bee’s dream, the herbal notes and balsamic undertones of lavender flowers are just as alluring to those nectar-hungry creatures as they are to us.

Here at Heathcote & Ivory, we have designed an entire range around this emblematic flower. As such, nature’s gift can be enjoyed by humans and insects alike.

lavender skincare products
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The Properties of the Collection

Newly enhanced formulations with essential lavender oils work together with wild hops to aid relaxation and stimulate a tranquil state of mind—whilst nourishing shea butter, glycerin and plant extracts deeply moisturise and soften the skin.

Commonly used in aromatherapy to alleviate muscle spasms and stimulate circulation, lavender oils relieve stress, anxiety, insomnia and postoperative pain.

What’s more, the benefits of shea butter are plentiful—this ‘super food for your skin’ works wonders to protect, regenerate and soothe.

More good news: the lavender fields collection boasts the amazing properties of Vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate) as most of its products are fortified with this fat-soluble antioxidant.

Nothing in the lavender fields range contains nasties like parabens or sulphates. Without these substances, you can enjoy high-quality and long-lasting products, the way nature intended.

Introducing… The Lavender Fields Range

First off, we have the lavender fields hand prep set: the perfect kit for weekly hand and nail maintenance. This delightful trio, housed in an endearing decorative box, makes an ideal gift item—but why not spoil yourself?

Including a useful emery board for consistent nail care, hand scrub for gentle exfoliation and shea butter enriched signature hand cream, this set is a bargain at just £8.

lavender skincare products

A delectable blend of clean, crisp and fresh notes, the essence of lavender is irresistible to most. To wear this beguiling and distinctive scent, all you need is a small splash of Heathcote & Ivory’s Lavender Fields Eau de Toilette.

In a handy 50 ml bottle—ideal for flights—use this product as a daily perfume to add a dash of floral luxury to your busy life.

lavender skincare products

To keep your laundry smelling flowery-fresh, use Heathcote & Ivory’s lavender fields scented drawer liners.

The purply and uplifting fragrance of lavender, entwined with tempting traces of wild hops, will make your clothes smell wonderful for days.

To really pamper yourself this summer, bring artistic design to your daily bathtime soak with a Heathcote & Ivory fan favourite: our lavender fields bathing flowers.

Emulating the purple tones of lavender fields, these lavender soap petals help you to enjoy some delicately scented downtime.

Go on, indulge yourself!

lavender skincare products

If you’d rather take Heathcote & Ivory away with you, how about the lavender fields travel hand care set?

Complete with hand and cuticle cream, let the warming notes of lavender and the repairing power of shea butter caress and heal your skin.

Conveniently sized for airport security, these items can fit in your hand luggage or weekend bag.

lavender skincare products

Here at Heathcote & Ivory, we dream up and create extra-special products that aim to bring nature’s splendour into your home. With the lavender fields collection, we’ve done just that.

Awaken sensations and treat yourself today!